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SW Washington by Ian Carter
– if you don’t want to travel far, Sturgeon on Saturday in the Kalama area. Got wheels then head to the gorge.

Lewis Report

When fishing the North Fork right now, keep an eye on the ups and downs of the water flow. Fresh pods of fish tend to shoot up to the hatchery during these water events. I was up at the hatchery today and there were not as many fish jumping. Out of the 6 boats and probably 30 bank anglers I observed no fish caught in 45 minutes.

Lewis River Streamflow This Last Few Weeks
The water flow currently is 1,280 and trending at median flows, for now. The gauge height in woodland is ranging between 7ft-9ft depending on the tide. Fishing pressure is quite heavy and not very much success is being reported. Although I did observe a dozen or so carcasses at the boat launch.

The WDFW angler checks showed some successes – 162 bank rods kept 40 coho and 12 coho jacks, and released one Chinook, five coho and two coho jacks. Thirty-two boats/70 rods kept four Chinook, 18 coho and 12 coho jacks, and released 11 Chinook, one Chinook jack, 17 coho and five coho jacks. From this sampling it seems there are quite a few chinook around. The stream flow data can be found here: USGS-North Fork Lewis. I personally had a great Sunday at the mouth and to release this hefty Chinook, plus a smaller one.

Kalama Report

Angler success reported by WDFW this week showed it to be a little busy with not much catching. Fifty six bank rods kept four Chinook and released three Chinook. One boat/1 rod had no catch. Korey at Bob’s Sporting Goods usually has great intel for when the fishing is good. He said he honestly hadn’t heard anything positive.

Cowlitz Report

WDFW anglers’ checks reported the following: Cowlitz River I-5 Br downstream – 31 bank rods kept one Chinook and two coho, and released one Chinook and one coho. 51 boats/154 kept nine Chinook, one Chinook jack, seven coho, two coho jacks and one steelhead, and released 25 Chinook, one Chinook jack, three coho and nine steelhead. Cowlitz River Above the I-5 Br – Four bank rods kept two steelhead. 2 boats/5 rods kept two steelhead. This isn’t a very encoraging report, but contradicts a report from another source.

This week, Tacoma Power employees collected 65 summer-run steelhead adults, 51 spring Chinook adults, 72 spring Chinook mini-jacks, 96 fall Chinook adults, 22 fall Chinook jacks, 31 coho adults, 22 coho jacks, and 18 cutthroat trout over four days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator. All the fish counts are down significantly from last week.

Washougal Report

John Thompson of Sportsman’s Warehouse tells me that the Washougal still isn’t worth the effort until we receive some rain.

Columbia Gorge and Tributaries

I spoke with Carl Coolidge at Klickitat Canyon Market he says that things are still in waiting mode. The water is super low but the temperatures are cooling off at night. This could improve the steelhead bite as there are some in the river. They received a little rain today, but not enough to draw any Chinook into the system. Carl offers a great shuttle service if you are ever in need. You can find more info about it on their website. River data for the Klickitat can be found here.

The WDFW report for the Wind River – One bank rod had no catch. 1 boat/2 rods kept two Chinook, and released two Chinook and three coho. Similar circumstances as the Klickitat.

Checkers for WDFW at Drano Lake found 8 bank rods released one coho. 62 boats/173 rods kept 75 Chinook, eight Chinook jacks, two coho and released 15 Chinook and five steelhead. Its very busy, but if you don’t mind the crowds there are fish to be had.

Reservoir Report

Reports from Merwin indicate things are cooling off and many fish are in spawning mode. Some folks are finding good fishing down by the dam. It’s been scratch fishing from what I’ve heard. Good time of year to try some new things. Pressure is much lighter with other fishing opportunites in the region.

Columbia Summary

The lower river below approximately Corbett, OR is closed to all Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Everyone is dialing in for the 2nd day of a three day strugeon retention season. Have fun fishing the gorge for Chinook and Sturgeon this Saturday. Could be a good day to plug the boat with mutltiple species.

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