SUV rod holder


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Trying to come up with a decent rod holder that I could safely take my rods without having them get accidentally damaged, especially with extra cargo our my dog. I did end up running the back with a webbing strap to be more rigid since most of the weight is in the back with the reels. While maintaining the adjustable bungee cord across the front of the (o.s. Bars) giving it a softer shock absorber. I just bought a roll of one sided Velcro and cut strips to secure them from sliding around and just wrap them on themselves when not in use along the strap/bungee cords. Now I should have adequate room for other fishers with me in one car and room for coolers and gear without worries. I'll see how it goes long term but it's fairly secure and not that long to load and unload the rods from my small SUV. I have been looking for a used roof top box that I was going to mount some vertical wall rod holders inside to transport but couldn't find a decent deal to justify spending that much at this time. Anybody else have some other simular way or constructing that works good for you?
Fyi, cords and Velcro cost $10 together, so that's what I invested for new stuff in total.



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Bungees / son of Duct tape...

Bungees / son of Duct tape...

Great idea... Bungees! - I use them for holding items in place in my Jeep...