Super sunday steel!!!

Mad dog
I don't watch football much anyway! Wanted to make it back by the halftime show though! :clap: 4 trips in a row catching steelhead! On a roll now! :dance: My boys and I bailed on the river that had been successful for us lately and headed on a hatchery quest of sorts. The fishing was decent but not smoking, most of the Coos bay area streams were getting on the lower side of their most productive levels but we managed 3 fish early. I caught a beatiful native hen about 15 minutes into the morning and my oldest managed to bonk 2 bright hatchery hens by 9:30. The sun came out early and the weather was nice, by mid-morning there was no shortage of fisherman! :rolleyes: Got checked by the OSP for the 2nd trip in a row!
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Those are nice steels.Great job.
Nice job!! :clap: :clap:

I was having a great winter up here with the same luck up until a couple weeks ago. They are still around but the numbers have slowed lately :confused:
way to go,,,excellent fish man:clap::clap:
Way to go man! Nice looking fish. I should skipped the game and gone fishing.
thats a stunning pair of fish, gotta love a good streak!!:cool:
Throbbit _Shane
Nice job bro. The super bowl wasn't even that great this year. Fishing would of been a much better idea.
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