"Summer Time"

I love summer and everything but I'm so ready for some rain and some beastly Fall Fish. Been hitting the upper Nestucca after work and it's been paying off. All I've been using is a #3 gold Bud's Spinner and I've got 8 consecutive fish on it. I got it snagged yesterday and went for a little swim to get her back...trying to get 10 fish on the same spinner to break my current record of 9 (yeah, I really keep track of things like that LOL). Anyways here's a few pics of the summer action so far.

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I am so jealous! Great pictures there!
Sweet....nice fishes, especially #8
Very nice work, rooting for the 10!!!
rippin fish lips
nice fish!! seeing that you have got 8 this year? i got some compition now! :D im goign out tomrrow my goal is do beat ur 8 :) lol ill try! nice fish and picks tho bro!!
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