Anyone out there willing to share where the sturgeon are at right now whether catch and release or not? I tried the Willamette 2 weekends ago but the current was too swift due to heavy rains and dirty. I had to stay out of the main channel so my boat didn't get slammed by debris. This is my first year fishing for the big giants and I really want one on my line. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Scott
This time of the year is good on the willamette, but it is catch and release only. My prefered bait is squid followed by sandshrimp. You will have to wait until water levels drop esspecially after this weekends rain. I dont know where you live but I ussually fish between oregon city and milwaulkie, there is also some good water by St. Johns but I havnt fished that stretch a lot. Look for holes on your fish finder and fish them If you dont get bites within an hour I would move to a different spot.
Thanks for the tips. I live in OC and went out two weekends ago and the water was really high. We fished the OC to Milwaukie stretch with no luck.
We used 8-12 oz led and had a hard time keeping it on the bottom. I notice the deep drop offs on the sonar but the holes are small so I just set my anchor in hopes I am in the right area. I found plenty of 70-100ft water but it appeared mostly flat with no fishing showing up. Any ideas on getting on top of the holes???
Where is Elk Rock??
This time of year, try 20 oz cannonballs, and bounce it downstream until it is nicely behind your boat. There is a good hole just on the milwaukie side of the Sellwood bridge, between Oaks park and the beach on the other side, have pulled a few lunkers out of there, as well as some keepers.
Thanks for sharing your spot. I will give it a try with the bigger lead. Scott
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