I am planning a sturgeon trip shortly and would like to catch my first sturgeon. Any tips/rigs/baits and especially spots would help. Don't mind shakers just want to catch some fish. Thanks!:D
well i'n not the best with rigs but baits good for sturgeon are shad ,squid, prawns and pickled smelt or herring. i usually use the same rig i use for salmon plunking minus the corkie. oregon city below wilamette falls and the columbia make sure to check the regs before you go. i don't know what is open and closed at the moment. i'm sure a few other guys can help you with rigs and etc :)

Check your regs yourself, but the Columbia in the Portland area is open for retention Thu-Sat for sturgeon. Willamette will not open for retention until Nov. 1 and then only on Thu-Sat. Both rivers open for catch and release otherwise.

Best bait for me is squid, but also herring, shrimp, smelt and pickled baits. I use a slider for weight above a swivel and then a leader of heavy dacron (50-80lb. depending on what you are after) with a 5/0 to 9/0 barbless octopus hook. Smaller end of those ranges work for most except the oversize. If you use anything large (herring, squid, smelt, etc.) half-hitch up the bait after hooking through head to hold in place. Smaller baits use stretchy thread to hold on if necessary. Use scent if you want.

If you want to fish the Columbia put in at Cathedral Park on the Willamette or other ramp and head out into Columbia and look for other boats and anchor up in the general area. Popular areas on the Willamette are just downriver from Cathedral Park (the Toyota Hole about 100' deep) or in the Sellwood bridge area. Lots of other areas but that is a start.
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Ok, I got rigs and baits down, just looking for some spots cuz I have no Idea where to go. Is there any spot where I have a very good chance of getting into a sturgeon even if it is only a shaker? THanks.
Oregon City is supposed to be pretty hot, but I don't know nothing about the time of year or where exactly, the Shad run would probably be the best time.
Nothing is gauranteed of course but ... I don't recall ever fishing out of the Cathedral Park areas mentioned above without at least a few shakers in the mix. Try the Toyota Hole or down by the grain ships by Kelly Point Park. Don't be afraid to anchor up just about anywhere and try though. I have has success in areas that I never saw a boat in before or had anyone tell me about. Also, try to go when the tide is consistently moving, preferrably out but in works as well. This keeps your boat relatively straight and your bait scent trail disperse consistently. Check tides by using ProTides or similar for St. John area of Willamette mentioned above.
I am fishing from the bank, but thanks!
PM me I got the spot for you....
Rentention on the Willy above the falls is seven days a week.
Last Saturday I caught 14 on the columbia just below the Willy. I started out with smelt till that was gone, squid till that was gone then rollmop. I dosed all of it with smelly jelly sturgeon feast, the stuff works awsome if you can stomach the awful, gut wrenching stink of it! No joke, I would feel the wieght hit the bottom and a bite almost simultaneously! Out of the 14- 6 were in the 33-35" range and 2 were 37" (AARG)!! All of the ones over 30 I was sure were keepers they fought so hard, pole bendin line peelers!
if you can get up by the bonniveile dam i would go there always have came back with keepers. the best thing i have had good luck with is herring or anchoives. i know a very good rig up that works well its hard to explain. but i you want some help o could meet up with you and show you. my name is jason you can pm me and i would like to help. hope to here from you
Sturgeon is open now 3 days a week on the Columbia and the Willamette. If you are going to be fishing the Willamette I would use the following. smelt, sand shrimp, coon shrimp, squid, night crawlers or prawns. When the water gets colder go to smaller baits. It will help. For riggins use a slider for your lead a 4 O hook. When you are using the sand shrimp use spider line elastic thread to hold two of the together and put a night crawler between them. This works great
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