Steelheadin' lower Clack


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I live in the Oregon City/Gladstone area. Been a few years since I've wet my line. Gettin back into it since I have a work schedule that will cooperate with the hobby. Going through all my old gear. Get some new line on the spool. Lots of questions coming up. What size line should I have spooled on there? Braided and what #? Any suggestions for someone new getting back into it fishing that area near high rocks? I'll be on the bank, don't got a boat. What would be good through there? Should I put a float on or hit it with spinners? Just want to have stuff that I can confidently fish with without lookin like a noob out there. Basically any tips y'all can give me would be much appreciated.
-Tight lines.


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The great thing about steelhead fishing is there are so many methods that pay off. In days past one of my favorite ways was to fish with a spoon, like a steelie. Spinners like a blue fox or one you make your self also work well. My least favorite method is drift fishing, bouncing pencil lead off the bottom in a drift. A newer method that folks use is bobber fishing, a bobber with a pink worm on the hook at a length that suit the area you are fishing. You might give Barton Park or McIver Park a shot. Plenty of room to fish there. I generally take the whole tackle box when out on the river, never know what is going to work on any given day.