Steelheadin' lower Clack


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I live in the Oregon City/Gladstone area. Been a few years since I've wet my line. Gettin back into it since I have a work schedule that will cooperate with the hobby. Going through all my old gear. Get some new line on the spool. Lots of questions coming up. What size line should I have spooled on there? Braided and what #? Any suggestions for someone new getting back into it fishing that area near high rocks? I'll be on the bank, don't got a boat. What would be good through there? Should I put a float on or hit it with spinners? Just want to have stuff that I can confidently fish with without lookin like a noob out there. Basically any tips y'all can give me would be much appreciated.
-Tight lines.


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The great thing about steelhead fishing is there are so many methods that pay off. In days past one of my favorite ways was to fish with a spoon, like a steelie. Spinners like a blue fox or one you make your self also work well. My least favorite method is drift fishing, bouncing pencil lead off the bottom in a drift. A newer method that folks use is bobber fishing, a bobber with a pink worm on the hook at a length that suit the area you are fishing. You might give Barton Park or McIver Park a shot. Plenty of room to fish there. I generally take the whole tackle box when out on the river, never know what is going to work on any given day.


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A lot has changed technique wise, even in the last few years. Go to Fisherman's and ask the guys in the fishing department for some help. You can look at the rods they have setup as examples of what most people are using these days. From that you can come up with a couple techniques that interest you and you can see what is needed for gear/set-up............