Steelhead trip recommendations


Hi, I live in Eugene and am tired of fishing the Siuslaw so I am planning a to take a couple of late Jan weekdays off. North or south are equally long trips. I am bank bound , the Chetco looks really nice any other recommendations?


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Have you tried the Alsea? Some good bank fishing down river. Hatchery area will be a madhouse. Not too far from the EUG


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Coos ,Millacoma East and west offer good fishing and fair shore access .La Vern park on the Coquille is good bank fishing as well.You need a Wherehouser permit for the coos which you can get on line


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Smith river in CA or the Elk (just north of the Chetco) in Oregon are the two prettiest rivers in the area. Hands down. They also (along with the Elks sister river, The Sixes) have great runs of winters. I’ll hit two of those in February, maybe all 3. I’m not sure how much bank access there is available because I always float them, but I can confirm excellent fisheries available on all of them. And they are 15 - 45ish from the chetco.
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