Steelhead fishing in Hood River

Hey everyone, my names Justin I am new to the forum and fishing. I've been reading a lot the last week or so but this is my first post. I am looking to do some steelhead fishing at Hood River tomorrow. I know of a spot I am looking to explore but I was wondering what my best bet to rig is? Any input is much appreciated.


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Hello Justin. It has been a while, since I logged in here. Just saw your post. The Hood, Deschutes and Columbia are my home waters, so to speak. How have you been doing on the Hood? This is not exactly peak season for that particular river, but there are always a few fish around there. I hope you have been catching a few. Are you swinging flies, or throwing traditional tackle? There is no single method for the Hood, spinners, jig under a float, side drifting beads. If you are casting the most common tackle is probably blue fox spinner with blue body and silver blade. Other methods are nearly as common and effective, though.


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Welcome to OFF Headshotsporvida. I've not fished the Hood. But if you're looking to pluck a fish out of deep pockets, try a Little Cleo spoon. And you can pretty closely match the suggested Blue Fox colors; by getting the Nickel and Neon Blue pattern. Here is a hotlink. Let us know how you do.