steelhead 2011

Went out on the 16th and slayed. Sorry for the double post. I usually don't agree with keeping such a large native fish but it was Shane's big fish and in my opinion since he was going to smoke it, it was ok to keep only because we faught it for a long time in a really akward and swift little spot to land such a huge fish. I would of like to see it swim free but thats how it goes sometimes. Trophy bruder tho.
We released a nice wild female at the very end of the day. I was happy to get a hawg hatchy buck. Awesome shape.
Awesome day on the Rogue once again. Look out for some awesome video.
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Nice catch guys!! Love your posts!! keep them coming guys!! mmm smoked steelhead... is sooo good!
Throbbit _Shane
eat, sleep, fish
Nice fish guys. Buck steelhead have an extremely low chance of repeat spawning so if it's done its business there's really no problem with keeping it at all.
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Great collection of photos; you fellows had a bit more fun that day that I. One huge 'Tug' on a #8 sized hook fly, a few head shakes ... and gone.
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