St John Virgin Islands for 6 days = 9 species of fish caught

Had a crazy week fishing and snorkling around St John island. Did research before I left, knew that squid would catch a lot of species around the island. Used the regular setup of a slide weight with a 18" leader. Every cast I would get bites and or a fish. While standing on some rocks casting I spotted out of the corner of my eye an eel slither under a nearby rock, it looked decent too. First I dipped my hook and bait down near the rock and before i knew it he was already munching on my bait....set the hook....."snip" my line was cut by his razor sharp teeth like a hot knife through butter. luckely I had some wire leaders. The leaders were set up with a egg weight fastened at the end. So I held the egg weight in my hand and jigged the chunck of squid in the same slot as the first........Green morray Eel on!!
He fought like hell but I got him outta the rock, took some pics and let him go. it was hard the get the hook from his jaw, everytime i would get the pliers near he would yank them outta my hand...
Seriously, every cast had some sort of action, caught a few dozen fish from the bank including a Tiger Grouper,
Squrriel fish,
Yellow snapper,
Red Hind,
Blue striped Grunt and a few others.
Even had a Needlefish on for a few seconds but he popped off at the bank.

Went out on a charter on a Marlin hunt. Sadly the Marlin werent biting we couldnt even call one up with 6 different teaser setups running and a few flying fish "plugs"
guide said these fish can soar 700 feet before landing back in the water...

We did get into a nice 4.5 ft Wahoo, beautiful fish.
Decent fight, but mostly ran at the boat trying to get free. Fight lasted about 12 minutes.
Next fish was a King Macarol, sorry no picture, this fish had to be released, it was an amazing fish though weighed around 35-40 pounds.
We were only able to get two fish on the troll so we decided to go for the live bait which was a small silver fish resembling a small Shad. After tossing out three rods, two spining and a level line on the down rigger, fish began to get hooked left and right. We ended up catching 3 Barracudas,


5 Black fin Tuna,
1 Caribean reef shark,


and a Trigger fish.

When we arrived back to the dock, while cleaning the fish we were told to look behind the boat....6 or so 8-10 ft Nurse sharks circled the area, feasting on the discarded fish parts.

funny thing was, people were swimming 100 or so yards away......Even a hundred or so pound Tarpon was in on the action.........

I had to feed these beauties by hand, knowing Nurse sharks are some of the most gentle sharks...unless you fall in:cool:.........
Acually guess it was more like 12 species caught......
What a trip!!...... Big thanks to Captian Rob and Sharp K and mixed bag charters St. John & St. Thomas Sport Fishing, sportfishing, charter, deep sea fishing
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Looks like an effin awesome trip NWK!!! Nice variety of fish man!!! Can't wait for the video!!!
Thanks TT it was pretty damn insane. I will have multiple videos up today!
WOW,great report and photos,definitely no shortage of fish where you were,,,you hit the grand slam my friend with all those different species...that blue striped grunt is absolutely stunning
Thanks Bigsteel!
heres some videos with many more to come......
WOWeee bro, y'all sure caught reely lotta fishes...:lol::lol::lol::lol:
Great Job
Very Well Done.

thanks hawk, it sure was a great time!
Sounds like an awesome trip of a lifetime! Those are for sure stunning fish. It's amazing the broad variety. We kinda live in a salmonid bubble in the pnw so it's pretty cool to see other species
thanks JJ, ya talk about not knowing what your gonna get, found out there were like 340 species of fish, im sure a handful were algea eaters but most of them had crazy teeth, especially the tiger grouper and the red hind! a defenit array.
I missed this thread somehow but man that looks like heaven I bet I felt like it!! some really beautiful fish and some not so much but some crazy teeth!!
Did you eat any of those reef fish? :) I remember the food is scarce on St. John...
ya the fish were amazing.....but ya you had to be ready for a mouth full of teeth when ever you brought one was heavan.

I acually didn't eat any of the reef fish, although i heard the "rock hind" ( red spots and teeth)...were some of the best eaters on the island. I just caught and released. but the wahoo and the tuna were a whole other was amazing
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