Squarebill bank fishing?



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Been wondering if using a squarebill for bass fishing on the bank makes sense?

Been wanting to try squarebilling, but nervous on snagging it, any advice and suggestions?
It can work at times.

My experience is using them with a little weight, 1/2 oz ish, in a mild current. Throw across rhe current and let it swing downstream, slow retrieve. Can produce MASSIVE strikes with smallies.

Never have thrown them in slack water.

Steelhead guys in the way back used side planers from the bank with hotshots ( same kind of thing) behind, I never tried this though...:

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Keep a good notebook. While I fished the stock ponds of South Dakota for Largemouth Bass, I would cover a lot of water unsuccessfully, using a fan pattern (9:00 to 3:00) casting from the bank. After putting on my waders, I would wade out, and cast parallel (even towards) to the bank, and double my success.

Of course, this was back in the '70s, Largemouth Bass, small tanks (5 to 10 areas, & not deep), and the bass were small.


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Find some shallow rocky areas and cast parallel to shore. Bang the crankbait all over the rocks and beat up the front bill. Baitfish colored. Smallmouth love that technique on the Willamette. Good way to cover water and find where fish are. You will get bites and some occasional snags.

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