Spring chinook still viable on the Willamette

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The Guides Forecast

Sep 17, 2020
Portland/Metro Fishing Report – Spring Chinook angling is holding up in the lower Willamette River. The Multnomah Channel remains the reach with the highest amount of effort and catch, but Oregon City anglers fared surprisingly well last week as well. Evenings near Willamette Falls can pay dividends this time of year.

Shad fishing is getting really good at Oregon City as well. The sunny forecast will only improve the situation next week.

Sturgeon fishing remains excellent in the lower reaches of the Willamette, but will it hold up for the catch and keep opener in a few weeks? That is the million dollar question.

Columbia River managers are giving mainstem Columbia River salmon anglers another crack at high quality salmon on Saturday. It’s a one-day opener but will re-open again come June 1st through the first week of July. Fishing should be fair for springers with a few summer steelhead starting to show.

The Sandy is starting to produce a few more spring Chinook and an occasional summer steelhead. The Clackamas is a very distant 2nd, despite entering peak season for both species. It continues to disappoint.

Trout continue to get stocked with some vigor in all areas of the state. Check out the stocking schedule HERE.
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