I'm looking for places to fly fish this summer. I know they stock the south fork with trout which I will definitely give a try this summer, but has anyone had any success or heard of any smallmouth fishing on this river especially in the McMinnville area? I checked google maps and there are a few parks on the river that look like they would give access. I also checked Oregon Warm Water Fishing Areas with Public Access and it listed largemouth but not smallies. Any insight someone could give me on this river would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Raincatcher. They only listed largemouth bass as well. It looks like it could be smallmouth water. I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way and head out there when the weather warms up and try and catch one :)
Old boat launch in McMinnville at the park with all the soccer fields. Head down 3rd st, turn left just before the bridge, park on the right. Walk to launch. It was damaged years ago and had huge trees and **** in the path (used to be able to drive down to launch). Can see it from the bridge and I think they cleaned up the path but still can't drive down there. Fish it with the kids sometimes and catch quite a few smallies. Drop in a pontoon but not sure where to take out. Probably somewhere before Dayton cause there is no way to get past the old locks in Layfette (that I can remember).

Fish the Yamhill Locks park off 99W. Great spot, have even seen some salmon in there but i think its off limits to salmon. There are trails heading down river but no good for the kids to walk.

Dayton has a boat launch. Fished from the launch a few times. Caught smallies, carp and trout. Can get to the mouth where it dumps into the Willie. I hear the fishin down that stretch is great. Brushy banks and all.

Also catch TONS of crawfish at all the above locations. Have got some big buggers with just a worm on a hook. Kids love the crawdad traps (me too cause I bring them home for steelhead fishin)

Also an unemproved boat launch / park just outside of St. Paul on the Willie. Caught some bass and salmon there. Good place to start in a boat to fish some brushy fishy lookin water.

Got me a pontoon but would perfer to float from dayton to newberg? with someone who has more experience than me.
Thanks for the great info Slimy. I have an inflatable raft with a hard floor and electric motor, but I've never taken it out on large fast moving water so I'm definitely not the guy with more experience haha. That's good info on the crawfish being there. I'm not big on going after them myself, but I know that smallies love them so a crawfish imitation will probably do well there.
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