Small Mouth Bass Fishing at Hagg Lake


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Hey everyone, I have been trying lately to fish Hagg for SM bass to no avail. I go early getting to the lake at 6am - when I got there about a week and a half ago in the Tanner creek arm (NW side) I saw a big SM just hanging in the water off the shore. I worked the whole bank up and down with an early morning popper (rainbow trout), plastic worms (carolina rigged), mister twisters, sinking rainbow trout rappala and green ZOOM tubes and nothing! I tried dragging the worms, twitching, everything altering speeds and still no fish. Are there any tips and areas to try that I am missing? Thanks for any help!


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Welcome to OFF. Sorry you got skunked.

Have you searched the OFF archives, for threads about SM in Hagg? If not, it's a great place to start reading about techniques and tackle for those bass.

IDK if it would work on Hagg Smallies; but on Long Tom River fish I used to use surface plugs like a Lucky 13 and Zara Spook. I also used surface poppers like Jitterbugs too, with good success rates.


It sounds like your fishing for smallies with large mouth gear. They are VERY different fish. Try finessing a live nightcrawler on a darter head jig.

Don't give up! The state record is 7 pounds 14 ounces, and it came out of Haag Lake!


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I've had some success catching SM bass with a variety of lures. Seems like they are hitting spinners and divers with a rainbow trout color to them. Come to think of it, bright orange has worked well to in the evenings. Guess bass are beaver fans. Go OSU!