Slaying on the lake this weekend


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those are nice fillets! I observed no coho in the lake on Sunday but got a pair of 16" trout, a rainbow and a SRC...
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There are some nice trout far east near the cove near the RR tracks! But then again hard to believe there are no Steelhead in that lake!:D


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By the way the river is open till the end of the month for SRC nice on a fly rod! Also some big fish swirling around!:yikes:


Ya to bad the coho season on the river is over! but that means better numbers in the future. I just hope nobody is Poaching :mad-new:


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They are was there tonite and a guy told me 2 Hos caught and taken up to a camper! 500 dollar fine per fish buys alot of steak!

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