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Went crabbing out of Florence yesterday. The parking lot was closed and full of equipment. Anybody knows whats going on? Oh yea crabbing was slow but I managed to get 6 of which 4 were jumbo and full.


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Tom,Lots of rain down here .I would targeting the incoming tide, as the outgo will have a fair freshwater push


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Looks as if it will be after the New Year before I can get out.
More problems getting satisfactory performance from my little 25 HP Suzuki outboard.
Mostly due to lack of proper tools for tuning things.
Almost everything I do is by ear. And my ears don't work these days.
I've been rough tuning my old Tractor bike ('66 HD shovel) for so long that I seem to believe That should work for everything.
My last Harley was all electronic controlled and the first custom item I put on it was an auto tuner that I only hooked to my laptop computer and set the perimeters for and the auto tuner kept it running at optimum even when I do my own hamfisted wrenching on it.
This 3 cyl Suzi is a bit more temperamental.
But If a clear day comes along this week, I'll try and get it out on the lake and see if it will run reliably enough to go on the bay without concern.
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