Siuslaw winter steelhead 19/20


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Welcome to OFF. Normally steelies runs are in full swing by now. But we still have yet to get enough rain. Probably won't find any beyond tidewater areas. When we do get some heavy rain...EVERYONE will be out there; and ALL at once! Go during the week if you can.


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Just took a look and it says it's at 7.29 ft in Mapleton hopefully that gets them movin! Thinking on starting at whitaker and workin my way down river tomorrow to see if I can find any.


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I wouldn’t be surprised if some fish came in with this last rain, they don’t have too far to go either. Probably have better luck down river, if it’s not too high. I imagine the water will be pretty brown since this was the first heavy rain of the winter. Good luck!


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just a wild guess...but I am expecting we see the first good push of fish up to Whitaker after the nice bump in flow predicted to peak about the 22nd...we don't put in the weir and start the Whitaker trap 'fishing' until Jan1, so first trap data will be soon after that...cheers, roger

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