!Siletz River dam update!


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* Reference : This is a write up, and post from Ifish. Posted by Salmo Gairdnerii

"There is some new information available concerning the proposed dam and reservoir on the South Fork of the Siletz River at the old Valsetz dam site. Polk County received a grant to fund a feasibility study and that study, "Valsetz Water Storage Concept Analysis" is available at www.co.polk.or.us/cd/eh/valsetz-water-storage-concept-analysis.

Please read this study (a long read, but worth it) then contact the following Polk County officials and voice your disapproval of the proposed construction of a dam and reservoir on the Siletz River.

Polk County Commisioners:
Mike Ainsworth at ainsworth.mike@co.polk.or.us
Craig Pope at pope.craig@co.polk.or.us
Jennifer Wheeler at wheeler.jennifer@co.polk.or.us

Polk County Community Development Director:
Austin McQuigan at mcquigan.austin@co.polk.or.us

Please let these folks know that dams and reservoirs are not good for fish (and wildlife in this case) and that dams and reservoirs are being removed because of the damage they have done and new ones shouldn't be constructed."



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The original Valsetz lake was a great place to fish, back in the day. I never got to go there; but my dad & uncle caught tons of fish. And that lake contained multiple species.

I'm not too sure, that I'd be opposed to re-building that dam. But, I am open to hearing the opinions of my fellow OFFers.


Does anyone know why the old dam was removed? Just curious.
Is it possible that this dam could offer angling opportunities that don't currently exist on that tributary?


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The reason they want to make a new dam is to divert the water to Polk County in the Willamette basin instead of letting it flow naturally to the ocean as it does now.

There used to be warm water species there in the old lake as well as trout but they screened everything out when they took the dam out. I fished there once and remember catching a smallmouth bass, the only one I ever caught in my life, actually.

Oops. I did skim the study and did not realize Lincoln County was also in on it. One thing that never gets talked about is conservation. Where I live I pay by the gallon so guess what color my lawn is now.
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