Siletz boating

I was thining about taking my boat over to the siletz, but I am worried about boat size/construction. I was told it was too snaggy for a fiberglass boat on the salmon and was wondering about the lower siletzriver/bay.


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The Siletz should work. About the salmon being snaggy, sure it is but not at the 3 rocks boat launch. You should be fine in the tidewater.
yeah I checked out the siletz it was great, but the salmon seem to be conentrated higher in the holes on the Salmon river, the siletz may have had more but they seemed farther inbetween schools. and on the salmon river you know there are fish in the hole when there are fish in the river because the river is so small on the siletz yesterday I scanned all of the holes I came by and there were some holes that showed up as baren. All in all the siletz is more enjoyable at the salmon one boat is a crowd on any of the holes.