Shooting stars

I know this is a fishing board. I always think twice before posting non fishing topics. I thought I would post this.

Did anyone else notice all the “shooting stars” last night? I saw three in a row in about ten min.. I checked yahoo news but did not see anything . It was pretty cool imo. :dance:
Tonight is suppose to be the peak night. Too bad it's a full moon. lol
Is that the annual Persied (sp?) meteor shower? I'm hoping to see it tonight.
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oh kool!!! thanks :) I was telling my roommate and she thought I was going crazy. lol I saw two in a row that passed the moon (one on each side).

I think the full moon is tomorrow morning at or around 7am. Anyways it does make it harder to see them.

Thanks for filling me in!!!!!!
No problem. I've always loved shooting stars. :D
We are camping in Champoeg Park and last night I saw a bunch around 9:30pm. It beats watching t.v. for sure.
LOOK UP tonite. THey are among us...:lol::lol::lol::lol:
Thats funny. :) I was thinking the same thing late last night.... bahahaha
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