Share day outing?


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I'm gonna post this offer as my regular fishing/crabbing partner will be out of commission for about the next 5 weeks.
Anyone from the Eugene/Springfield area interested in sharing expense for a trip to the coast to crab inside the bays on my small (16' jon with 25 HP) boat?
Coos Bay/Charleston is my prefered launch but Florence or Newport is also okay.
Your share $25- $35 fuel for tow vehicle and boat plus launch, depending on where. I have 3 traps ready to go and could easily rig a 4th. Or bring your three. Crab rings are fine if they have good floats. so they can dropped from the boat while fishing elsewhere.
As second hand you'll be pulling and baiting the traps as well as handling the Crab. Shallow water only, no more than 35 ft and usually less.
dates are open but dependant on both weather, it's an open boat, and tidal coefficient. High Coefficients tend to cause the loss of traps. Tide times dictate departure from here.
drive time is about 2-1/2 hours to Charleston or Newport Each way
I usually fish structure for Black rockfish (sea bass) between trap pulls. Willing to fish for other species as well.
I do not chase Salmon.


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I'd try it. Just moved here from Florida, fished my whole life and did it to pay the bills for awhile down there.

No crabbing gear though.

Shoot me a PM if you need someone, I work I Jerry's M-F until 4pm, off on weekends.
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