Shad on the Umpqua

Anyone have any reports? Curious to see if anyones catching shad yet. i got an itch. If i get this event to work this saturday at roseburg (nascar) ill take a day or two and run to the yellow creek hole and freeze while tryin to get some shad. I just want to see if anyone else has targeted them yet and how they have done
I heard they were getting them at yellow creek. y buddy then went down there on sunday and said they was a lot of guys at first but thinned out quick because nio one was getting anything. they stayed most the day with only one on the bank.
thanks... so it may be slow... slow is better than dead cause then i can sleep when im dead
Beware of taking your dog down to Yellow Creek. They are talking about another algie bloom like the one that killed the dogs last year. Qwa
im not sure if it was the bloom that killed those dogs...i know what they said...ur talking bout elk crk last year?... but qwa is defenetly right starting to get to be that time of the year!!!!!
What is kiling dogs???? I got 2 heelers that fish everywhere with me
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