Selling my first drift boat



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I recently upgraded to a larger Willie and it is time to send my Lavro OFF into the sunset.

I’ve posted it on CL for $2k but will consider reasonable OFFers from OFF participants.

comes with a lot but you’ll need to buy a net, and a battery for the trolling motor.

1975 Fiberglass Lavro w/ original oak gunnels

15x48 - Fishes two plus an oarsman just fine

Garaged and well maintained

I bought it 4 or 5 years ago as a starter drift boat. Probably have 50 or more floats since then running the Sandy, Clack, Wilson, and more.

I’ve added upgrades and redone the inside.

Comes with:
1.Two interchangeable fisherman seats (original and custom made with waterproof storage)
2. 30 Power min Kota trolling motor
3. 30lb anchor
4. 50’ anchor rope
5. 4 rod holders (2 Scotty power locks, 2 fish on)
6. Six rod holder seats (2 additional Scotty mounts to add two more)
7. Two matching sets of 9’ oars and a spare (5 total)
8. hummingbird fish finder (epoxied into boat floor)
9. 2 pfds
10. Bow rope
11. Dierks transom mount anchor system
12. galvanized trailer in good shape. Thing is sturdy!
13. Spare tire
14. 2020 registration
15. New seat roping
16. Original oak gunnels!
17. 3 plugs
18. Custom oarsman foot rest

Thing is a classic, in good shape and catches fish.

Perfect starter or small family boat.



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It’s a great starter boat, or boat for someone who wants a slightly smaller boat to store in a smaller space. It’s certainly not new, but it’s in good shape and the wood gunnels really do make it look pretty nifty.

I’m hoping whoever buys it wants it to learn to row in something affordable and then decide if they are going to love drifting. That’s what I did and ..... It was a great choice/experience.

I’m in no big rush to sell it and would prefer it to go to someone who would love a new boat but can’t afford it or someone who wants to test out floating a drifter but doesn’t want to invest a ton without knowing if they’ll like it or not. Especially if they are someone on OFF and in one of those situations, I’m open to OBOs. All I want to do is pay a part of my new boat with the proceeds.

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