Seizures in Dogs

My dog is 3/4 Lab and 1/4 German Shepard, at age 8 he is rather heavy set at an estimated 125lbs (very overweight), he has the body of a lab, with the chest, legs, paws, and ears of a German Shepard, it is hard because these two types of dogs are known for Hip Displacia (spelling may be wrong) and being that he is overweight with the twig legs of a German Shepard, he does take a second to roll up on his back legs.

I am wondering if anyone has had this experience with a dog, my dog has seizures, up until Friday night and Saturday he was only having maybe one seizure every 4-6 weeks, which was pretty in control and didn't stop him from living a quality life, the vet told us it could be epileptic, and he is on Potassium Bromide along with Thyroid medicine and Phenobarbital, it could also be diabetic, because his blood sugar was extremely low last time he got checked up, but I haven't heard of diabetes setting in so late in life, he usually grabs a good bite of food a few minutes before seizing.

He had about 7 seizures in the past three days (counting today), two Friday night, 4 throughout yesterday, and one at about 8AM today, I am starting to feel a bit confident in a recovery today because he has been drinking water and eating food without having problems, I understand seizures can cause a deal of brain damage along with bone and muscle damage from muscle contractions, but he has had a good deal of rest today, so I really hope he is recovering, he is still a little abnormal as in he doesn't really bark at people walking in or pulling up in the driveway, it could either be brain damage or lack of energy IMO.

Has anyone had a situation like mine, I would just like to know there is something that be done to keep this from getting out of control, I understand the brain is very delicate, and seizures can be caused from a number of things, seizures can also trigger a number of things as well, so I feel that the fewer seizures he has, the more chance he has at a longer life.

The reason why I post this, I want to know if anyone has had similar experiences or is well educated on this subject, maybe I could give more info for a clearer diagnostic, his issue could be from Thyroid problems, Tumors, Defiencies, Toxins, Diabetic, or Epileptic, some of these causes can be somewhat controlled, but others are just something that has to be accepted. I have grown up with this dog since I was about 12 years old, losing something from your childhood can be very devastating, and I really want to enjoy my dog for as long as possible with him also living a comfortable life, I'm pretty sure most understand.

So what's your thoughts/experiences on this subject?
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Geez,I have no experience with this at all but,want you to know I will keep you both in my prayers. I hope he has a full and quick recovery. Has his diet been changed? Just a thought. Keep us posted.
Im sorry to hear about your dog Drew :( I am not sure why other than age that his illness would act up though man. I hope the ol boy pulls through.
my bulldog has had a few seizures, but it's because she has low blood sugar. so to compensate we give her treats of honey, like a spoonfull every week and since we started doing that she hasn't had anymore seizures
No change in diet, he usually gets fed atleast 3 times a day, since Diabetes could be a factor, we try to keep him fed so his blood sugar doesn't drop so low.

Maybe we will try a little dribble of honey on his food or a treat in moderacy.

Thank you
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You need to have him checked for heartworm, especially if you've taken it him over the mountains for to southern oregon. And are you giving him any meds for pain? Ibuprofen and asprin are lethal for dogs. Tumors are also common and could be in the brain.

OK sorry for being a let down, I hope he gets well and has many more years with his loving family.
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sorry to hear about the dog bro :( i know how it is losing a dog that you trainded and grew up with =/
Is it yellow lab thats in your dog? i just got a lab/germansheapard mix, such a beutiful breed.
I hand an epileptic yellow lab. He had seizures over the years and lived to be about 12. Then he had a seizure and never recovered. I have a 12 year old Austrailian Kelpie that I brought to Texas along with a 7 year old Border Collie. The temps have been over 100 degrees every day we have been here. The first day the Kelpie had seizures from the heat, the BC has been fine. I limit the exposure to the heat for the Kelpie, and now he likes the inside airconditioned life style. I think the age combined with the heat was to hard for the old black dog. Sorry your dog is having a bad go of it.
People usually get diabetes when their older, so dogs probably could too. Sorry man its hard to see a sick dog, because they can't talk and can be helpless sometimes.
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BigShayne said:
You need to have him checked for heartworm, especially if you've taken it him over the mountains for to southern oregon. And are you giving him any meds for pain? Ibuprofen and asprin are lethal for dogs. Tumors are also common and could be in the brain.

OK sorry for being a let down, I hope he gets well and has many more years with his loving family.

Aspirin is fine but check with your vet about the amount. Ibuprofen is not ok.
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Also, my lab that I grew up with had seizures in her later years. I dont remember finding anything that helped her.
It is very hard to deal with, I have been passing up trips to the Santiam and private Bass ponds because I am trying to see if he improves in the next couple days, he only had two seizures yesterday which has improved since the 4 he had Saturday. Our backyard is turning into a field and he seems to have to kinda familiarize himself with it each time he goes out. He isn't exactly the same since Saturday, he is becoming more alert, when a car drives by out front (dead end road) he perks up, he still speaks and shakes when I offer him treats (all I have to say is ''treat'' and he will speak).

If he has one or no seizures today, I will feel very confident in him, we try to let him get as much rest as possible to heal his brain and his joints, he definitely doesn't seem as energetic nor flexible, he usually has a routine in the morning because he sleeps in the parents room, when he wakes up it seems like the fleas were attacking him throughout the night and he usually goes to the living room to itch, dig, and lick so my dad doesn't get on his case for being so loud, he hasn't been doing this either, but he may need a little time.

I'll report back at the end of the day.
He still seems to be recovering, talked to the vet again and he said it is most likely Insulinoma caused by tumor(s) in the pancreas, he said by the symptoms, it sounds cancerous, but possibly not. Sounds similar to tomriker's case since the vet recommended a piece of a treat doused in Karo Syrup once in the morning and at night to keep blood sugar a bit more elevated, I will have to believe it is cancerous if it gets out of control.

He seems to be getting back to normal, if I plan on doing any fishing, it will have to be limited to about 3:30pm since the folks work late afternoon to a bit after midnight on weekdays, we won't be comfortable leaving him alone until we feel more sure that this was just a phase, if he wanders out of my sight into another room, I usually poke my head in atleast every 15 minutes to see what he is up to.
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