Rookie salmon fishing near Portland or coast


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I dont have a boat but does anyone have any recommended shore fishing areas where I have a decent chance of catching. I am in SE Portland I can drive out to the coast if need be. I bought a few nightmare jigs Ill combine that with a bobber and a 20 lb line. I just want to keep my rig as simple as possible, dont want to mess around with roe or bait yet. I havent seen many posts on here lately, what is everyone waiting for is this just a slower forum or are we waiting for, more rain?


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Lot of fish still get caught at Mill Bridge on the Wilson.

This is not a secret spot. You will see a lot of others fishing and can observe.


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I went out to Mill bridge earlier this year and then go absolutely skunked not a single bite. Not saying it will happen again but you know of anywhere else? Where are the salmon around this time of year? The coast?

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