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No AOTY ( points for these but it was a great day on the water. If you havn't been to this area, it's pretty nice. It starts with a 3 mile hike down the railroad tracks. I had a late start but I fished for around 6-7 hrs total.

It was pretty dead until around 2pm then a school must have moved through. I hooked up 4 times within an hour. Lost the first 2 and landed the second 2.

I did have a problem with a dog getting tangled with my rod and snapped 12" off the tip :( I still fished with the rod and that's what I caught the fish with.

Grande Ronde River

Rondowa Upstream

Rondowa Downstream

Two nice Steelhead


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What a beautiful river! The whole area looks fishy to me. Nice job getting into those beauties, too! Thanks for sharing,Joe.


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Gonna have to put that on my list of places to fish in Oregon! Beautiful spot, nice fish! Looks like there is a road that goes up to that spot (Brown rd) is that closed in the winter?


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Way to overcome the broken rod and score some nice fish. Thanks for sharing the nice set of pictures.


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Nice report. Hope I can spend some time over there some day- beautiful country there.
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