Rogue salmon derby, Coos salmon derby, Umpqua salmon derby

Salmon Whammy
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to announce that North Country Lures and Flies is sponsoring these 3 derbies this year. Help us keep sponsoring these derbies for years to come, by coming by our shop or going to our online store at: We have Hoochies, Dodgers, Flashers and the famous I Don't Know Lure. One of our main goals is that Pat and I want to help save the Salmon on the Oregon Coast so that we have future Salmon for our grandkids and great-grandkids. You can also give us a call for more information about the Derbies: 541-997-7080.
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Hello Mr. Whammy. I think I may have met you at your booth, in Newport, several years ago. The green/black combo is very reminiscent of Jed Davis's designs for salmon and steel. Very nice. (@Salmon Whammy )
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