Roger's Landing


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I enjoy reading the posts of several of the the regulars on OFF. I figured it's time to start updating with my own.

Launched at Roger's Landing at about 12:30pm. Water temp definitely on the rise with the nice weather - my FF read between 60 and 62 degrees. Water flow down too. Switched off between a ned rig (Zman TRD) and a drop-shot rig (Googan worm).

Caught 9 smallmouth and 1 pike minnow. A few of the smallmouth were a little chunky - around 2lbs on the scale. Fished till about 4:45pm. Line was Loooong at the ramp to take out - lots of tow boats starting to put in.

I constantly had to fight the green moss in the water and the white cotton on the surface. That stuff is now all over my line in my reels. I find the cotton really hard to get OFF

. IMG_1601.jpeg IMG_1605.jpeg IMG_1602.jpeg


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Thanks for the report and the pics! Sounds like a pretty fun day on the water. I have not hit Roger's landing yet this year. I like that area a lot more after they put the flash boards in at the falls. Great job.