Rod building supplies

I need to get a reel seat and guides for a project, was just wondering if their was any pet sites or storefront locations and brands anyone prefers? Thanks in advance:cool:
lamiglas FL 904 7'6 4 wt flyrod
halibuthitman said:
lamiglas FL 904 7'6 4 wt flyrod

How many line guides you gonna use? 45 or 60? LOL

I have a St. Croix 4wt that is 7ft and I love it. I may need to replace the rod seat on it though, it has two sliding rings and they are digging into the cork handle a bit after 20 years of use.

st croix will be the spey rod I build next;)
I would shoot Ryan808 a pm he builds a lot of rods. He built me a sick 6wt.
+1 Anglers Workshop.... right next door to the Lami shop in Woodland. I think Ollies downtown has a bunch of that stuff also.
If you can hack an account at Merrick Tackle, that would be another option.
Try and get ahold of Glenn Wicks fishing rods over in Creswell
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