River condition?


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I was there on Tuesday and was blown and brown with trees floating. Drove from Whitaker to lake creek via stagecoach and was bad all the way to triangle lake. Anyone know what the river looks like lately?


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I fished for a few hours yesterday, level was good but still very brown. Takes a while to clear after the first heavy rains. Didn’t see any action while I was there, gonna hold OFF for a while.


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Water was low but looked really good on color. First 5 minutes in had a solid grab with three head shakes but didn’t stick. Nothing else for the rest of the day and nothing near the trap either. Still a good sign and fun getting out. I love winter fishing and the challenges.


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The Sixes sure looked good today!:p
That's great to hear. Me and my two close friends went to the North Umpqua yesterday and we had the whole river to ourselves, not a single other fisherman/woman out there. Was real nice, buddy had one huge one on but came off. It was beautiful seeing it bright chrome flying up to the surface before parting ways. Pretty awesome day to spend with friends.