Rip Luke Esgate

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So riding BMX is another passion of mine that i LOVE doing, just like fishing i am addicted to the adreniline rish of this sport. Sadly, Luke Esgate of Venita, a really talented rider. A friend, a fellow BMX rider to me and many other BMXers around oregon and the nation. This one shook the whole world and it still is.

Luke was riding his bike a day after a "Jump Jam" at the albany dirt jumps/trails. Keep in mind that these jumps aren't just any regular small jump. You have to have skill, balance and good coordination to make it through these jumps. While jumping through the "Big Line" (bigger jumps) between 5-10 feet tall with 6-20 foot gaps in the middle (take off-landing) He over shot a jump, his handle bars broke which led him to crash. He was wearing a helmet at the time.

Luke Esgate, 17 sadly lost his life after hitting his head on the ground, he went in and out of seizures. Unfortanantly it wasn't the seizers that took his life, It was a kneck injury, a broken kneck.

REST IN PEACE, Shread IN PEACE bro! Have fun riding all the sick parks/trials above us! RIP,SIP.

This was a picture of him doing a trick called a "table top." Sorry we didn't get you this picture in time Luke.

I read that in the paper....sorry for your loss.
That's a bummer man...

What a feeling it must be to fly like that, it's no wonder to me why he rode.
Finneus Polebender
once again for the too manyith time today very sorry for your loss dude sorry to hear you lost your friend!
That sucks. Sorry for your loss.
Losing a friend so young is tragic. I am sorry for your loss.
Very sorry man its hard losing a friend. i understand what you are going through.
rippin fish lips
GraphiteZen said:
That's a bummer man...

What a feeling it must be to fly like that, it's no wonder to me why he rode.

It's the second most best feeling in the world!! to me anyways. the feeling of just floating in the air for a couple of seconds. but having a fish on the end of my line is the first best feeling!
Sorry to hear of your loss.
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