RIP Gary Moore

Reknowned guitarist Gary Moore recently passed away, at age 58. It is a real loss, to the music industry.

Anyone, that can "hold their own" with Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker gets my vote! Here is Gary w/ Bruce & Baker; and playing Peter Green's 1959 Les Paul. Young owe it to yourself to google/wikipedia Peter Green (and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac).

RIP Gary.

YouTube - Bruce Baker & Moore ( BBM ) - White Room
Mad dog
I saw Gary Moore in Portland in April of 1984 when he was touring with Rush.

R.I.P. Gary
Sad day indeed.
Finneus Polebender
A true loss rest in peace godspeed.
Wow. No one has noticed that in the video I posted...Gary is using a Les Paul, that Peter Green owned. And Peter got Gary to buy it so it, "would have good home". Peter, btw, was one of Gary's primary mentors.
i saw that tour in glasgow,brillaint night jack bruce was happy to be back in his
home town and gary and ginger were up for the party,also saw peter greens splinter group around the same time,he was the support for bb king.
happy days.
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