RIP Chris Carter

im sorry you lost such a good friend-
:( sorry to hear.. never any good when loosing a good friend.
Sorry about your Loss brother! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and his family.
rippin fish lips
sorry about your loss! Prayers out to you, his friends and family!
Sorry Dave. I lost a close friend once so I know how it feels. Take care.
Bro, i'm very sorry to hear your friend Chris passed on. Too many young folks are dying too soon. It just isn't right.

I'm praying for you & his Loving family. Chris is fishin' where the weather is always perfect & the sun is warm.
So very sorry for your loss Dave.

This has been a bad week.

My prayers go out to you, and your buddy's family.
Very sorry to hear. Losing a close friend is always hard.
so sorry for the loss man :(
Finneus Polebender
Much love sympathy and prayers your way big guy !
I'm sorry you have lost a true friend like Chris. You know if you need anything you can call on dozens of friends here. I'm just down the road from you,call if I can help with anything at all. My condolences to you,your family and Chris' family.
Thank you everyone,chris was a great father and friend and they dont come along like him anymore,,tomorrow im gonna get out and swing some flies,,again thanks everyone
I will swing some with you....sorry for your loss Dave
Sorry for your loss man.
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