Really poor crabbing in Florence


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2 hours of crabbing ..... just ONE crab. This is very unusually. Late September I always limit out in the past years.

What's going on?
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bad crab year, and it's also been slow over the bar in the Siuslaw bubble, locals here haven't been bothering to drop pots while salmon fishing since early August, that's how it goes....


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went crabbing last Friday at Netarts, we were going to the Nehalem but the crew didn't show up on time so had to go to Netarts. Crabbed for 5 hours, in the last lift we got 3............lot of work for little to show.


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I haven't been this year for a number of reasons but I do follow the reports closely.
I'm no expert by any measure but I suspect the slow crabbing has to do with the El Nino current keeping the water warm and the crabs further north or possibly in cooler deeper offshore waters,
I do read,however, that crabs are picking up in the north coast bays and estuaries so as the season progresses we'll likely get back into the normal swing of things.
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