Rainy Wilson morning complete with thunder and hail.

I was at Jones Creek bridge at 0 dark thirty and it seemed like it might be an ok day....not so much. It started kinda slow but became a downpour a couple times. Not too many others braved that mess, but I did see a few hardcores starting to fish as I waved goodbye on my way home, wipers slapping full blast to keep up with all that rain. Water was high, but green, and to someone who really needed to fish, it was fishable( I really didn't need to fish that bad ) I did make it all the way to Tillamook, so that mudslide is cleared now. So anyway I didn't have any luck except to have a nice wet couple of hours on the river, and sorry I couldn't tell you if anyone was having any luck cuz I was just too comfy in my truck to get out and ask anyone. Grrr shoulda slept in.


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It has definitely been a wet day. I saw some footage of the slide on this mornings news. The river color wasn't bad, but the water was up and moving at a pretty good clip.
Exactly, I was really surprised at how nice and green it was for how it was clippin' along. That's what kept me fishing as long as I did. But it was pretty miserable. I think tomorrow is gonna be a movie with cookies and milk kind of day.


I went Friday and hooked into two very feisty chromers. The weather was much like today, WET! Just keeping my cast short and using an unweighted tube fly worked Friday. I didn't make it out today 3/29 but I might do something tomorrow. I've been itching to get out in the salt...