Putting a list together


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Anyone on here that has an occaisonal open seat - springers, steelhead, tuna, rockfish, halibut, coho, fall nooks, shark or whatever you are going after send me a p.m. Will always pay more than my share of gas and other costs. Have gear for anything and everything that swims... 15ft super heavy duty rod to UL trout rods, and everything in between. Lets go make some memories
I randomly have open seats for Kokanee when my crew bails on me. I usually fish green peter so it's a drive early, I mean early, in the morning.
Let me know if you're interested
I might have an open seat...in my truck...if you are into bankin' it at either Hagg or the Wilson Saturday or Sunday...call me.


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Good idea, Moe. Let me know if you ever get down to Norcal July-Dec. I usually have room for a visitor during salmon season. OFFer is good for other members as well. Maybe the Umpy tidewater in August as well this year-we'll see.

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Moe, I too often have an open seat available out here in central O. If you get the itch to angle the lakes / reservoirs in or around the high desert, give me a shout.