Pursuing steelhead on Tillamook rivers update

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The Guides Forecast

Sep 17, 2020
Following the recent high water event, anglers are just now getting back on the water to pursue later returning broodstock steelhead. Boats fishing on Thursday (today) did exceptional on the Wilson, even though the flows remained a bit high for most steelheaders.

The Trask didn’t fish as well as some had expected, but the wild fish return a bit later here.

The Nestucca was still a few days from dropping down into good condition, but when it does, it should be good. February is really when better numbers of steelhead return to these systems, with March being equally as productive most years.

The Siletz and Alsea systems should fish well this weekend, with broodstock and wild fish showing up in better numbers than anglers have seen in recent weeks. Fish the upper reaches Friday, but fish should be available throughout the entire reach by the weekend.

Smaller systems that get earlier returns (NF Nehalem, Necanicum, Three Rivers and the Highway 30 streams and Klaskanine River) are done for now. The steelhead have or will spawn very soon, and surplus fish are being stocked in some district lakes for angler opportunity.

The mainstem Nehalem will still be out for much of the weekend, but should be pretty fish by next week.
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