Prayer request

Please keep me in your thoughts today and pray for my strength as quite frankly I am pretty scared.

The reason for my fear is that today a urologist will end my bout with what is only the second kidney stone in my life to even have me go to a doctor; and only the third time in my life to have any kind of surgical proceedure performed. The doc asked me after my first visit to him yesterday if I wanted him to take the stone out, and I said "Yes" (It's been three weeks to the day since the CT scan and diagnosis of the stone and it has moved from the ureter to the bladder causing difficulty for me).

I am not one who goes to doctors unless the problem is severe (read "I have tried everything I know of and more and can't deal with the discomfort anymore"); I admit I am a big sissy when it comes to any kind of IV needle (even blood draws) due to a couple difficult episodes when giving blood for blood tests.

Thanks all,
I think everything will be ok. I wish you luck.
Prayers coming your way...

Prayers coming your way...

You must be a nervous wreck! I am sorry for your pain and anxiety and will be praying for you to come through with flying colors and have a speedy recovery. Don't watch the needles! :naughty: They don't usually bother me,but this pneumonia had me feeling like a pin cushion in the hospital. Counted 14,536 holes in that ceiling! :rolleyes: Stay strong and let us know how you are doing.
good luck to you,you will feel better after.
prayers for you and your family.......fear is what keeps us in check
Bro, i'm Praying for you & your beloved ones, from high here on the mountain, where i especially feel close to God.

Get all well, quick...
Well in 30 minutes I go home from work to pick up the wife and have her take me to the appointment.

I did take opaque tape and put it on the bottom of some computer mice today at work, and am thinking about taking a magic marker and writing "do not remove" on the area where they will be putting their probes... Well you have to have a sense of humor. Last night when getting the pre-screening EKG I asked the technitian "you aren't going to shave a big Mickey Mouse head in my chest hair are you?"..

Thanks for the well wishes,
Me and mine will be pulling for you and your's. :pray:
Oh man those things are no good. My dad has had them his whole life practically. I just got done talking to Jdflores311 and he just had a kidney stone attack too!! Crazyy... Hope everything goes well! I'm having my first little op today too, just an endoscopy but still my first time being knocked out. haha.
Good luck - You'll be much happier once it's OUT!
All the best, Dave. This too shall pass...literally.
BTW: Your ol' pontoon is holding up fine on the Willamette and Henry Hagg.
I wish you all the luck in the world!
Thanks all. I am home with a stint. The pain is much less and will continue to get better.

Had some issues getting the IV in (even the anasthesiologist had to stick me three times to get one that worked) causing me to get agitated and my blood pressure to go up (179 over 127); the nurse told me to quit it before I exploded.

My wife was there to hold my hand during the prep.

I feel so much better now than I did this morning and last night.



Dang! :doh: We're glad that's over with! Glad to hear you're doing better and on the road to recovery. Whatever it was that made this all happen....don't do that again! :naughty: Take it easy and get back on your feet.
Glad to see that the procedure went well.

We hope and pray, for a smooth recovery...and that you're out fishing with us again in no time flat!
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