Population expected to increase

By one in June, and it is supposed to be a boy... my first one.

I'll be the old geezer with the walker and false teeth at his football games in 18 years.

Congradulations :clap:, hold on tight, you are in for the ride of your life :lol: :dance:
George Costanza said it best: "My boys can swim!!" :lol:

Congrats!! :clap:
congradulations......another fisherman:D:D:D
bigsteel said:
congradulations......another fisherman:D:D:D

Thanks to all for the congratulations :D

Yea, and I am looking at the all terrain strollers with the big wheels so I have the ability to float the kid across the river (where I fish you have to walk across the river to a rock outcrop to fish the main channel which is maybe 20 feet wide), carry my fishing and camera gear and then get back up to the vehicle.

You can bet he will have a love of fishing from an early age (I think I have to buy a couple snoopy poles now), like I had as my grandfather (dad's dad) took me on the rocks south of Yachats at the age of four and had me catching kelp greenling and sea perch.

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