Thanks....... Any tips would be appreciated.
One thing that I started doing was bending up my own spreaders with my spinner wire.
I seem to get less tangles that way.


my .02

my .02

pretty straight forward really. i like to run about 3' leader, and 18" dropper. i dont like spreaders, have had more issues with em then without em. before i put the leader on, i slide a swivel up the mainline, followed by a bead - then tie on a swivel for the leader. the swivel that is sliding up the mainline is for your dropper. tie on the dropper, i like a snap swivel on the bottom of the dropper to clip on whatever weight i need for a particular flow. i like to have weight ranging from 1/2 oz up to 4 oz for steelhead.

my set up is: 12# main, 10# leader (depending on water clarity, might be 8#), 6# dropper.

hope that helps clarify a little - i have had pretty good success with this method.

i am not familiar with the water your fishing, but its all relative...


That seems like a good idea to have a sliding swivel for the dropper.
I was using the three way and getting a lot of tangles and twists.
I had a friend tell me to try plunking; never done it so I got out the western steelhead fishing guide book and it describes the 3-way swivel for the dropper. I thought that looked like a recipe for tangles and thought a slide might work better. A swivel should be even better than a slide, less to see. I probably would have forgotten the bead. Now I feel better about trying it. Thanks for the post.:clap:
Oh, and I promise I won't take any oregon fish!:lol:


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Sorry never sat down to pm you. I don't like droppers I use a sliding swivel and clip the wieght to it. Also the round flat weights are the more snagfree weights you can get. Use a bit of scent down the leader into your spinglow. look for the areas with eddies and fish the seams. If you want to no more pm and I can get into it with more detail.
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