Plunking at Mary S Young



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I know on this area of the river Meldrum is a very popular. I have not fished seriously in many years and have never plunked. I would like to stay out of the way of folks on Meldrum till I get the hang of it. I am curious if anyone plunks from the West Linn side of the river. Where it narrows by Cedar Island seems like a good spot.


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I would check with West Linn but the bridge to the island used to be seasonal (been thwarted a few times years ago). I would be surprised if you can get out to the island at this time of year. That said, there is certainly plenty of shoreline there even if you can't get to the island.

The bass fishing is good in that area, I have no idea about salmon.


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To answer my own question, I finally made it out to the island today. It was a perfect day. No bites though. With it being early in the season and the projected runs being low, I may not get a great picture of the fishing potential. But there are plenty boats on the water on this stretch of river so I will keep plunking away. It was a great fist experience.
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