Planning ahead...

I'm going out Wed and Thurs and maybe Friday this coming week. Wilson, Trask, maybe Eagle Creek or Cedar Creek. I'm hoping this rain comes and flushes in some fish. I'd like to get a fish on my tag for this year. Anyone else going to be out those days? Any one want to meet up?
The rain will definitly be here, gooodluck!
Well it didn't rain as much as I'd hoped so far. But it looks like people are catching fish...let's hope they're still around Wed and Thurs.
Its starting to come down pretty hard in the east valley, snowing in the mountains! I am watching the water levels close for my 3 days out this week!
You want to meet up buddy? I got me a bobber and jig setup now...
Well, got up at 5am. Drove an hour 45 min in the snow. Fished 6 hours. Nada. Not a glimpse.

Buddy and I started out on the Wilson at mp 21 at 7am. Snowing heavily. Moved all the way down and over to the Trask for an hour. Sunny and less snow on the Trask. Then went back up the Wilson stopping at the holes again and even checked out the mile of the South Fork that is open for steelhead right now. Nada nada nada.

Talked to a drift boat who had nada, and a couple bank fisherman on the Trask who had nada. Threw spinners and did a jig/bobber pink worm/bobber combo all for nada.

Maybe I'll try the Clackamas tomorrow...
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Not sure if I'm sorry (for you) or glad (for me) that I'm not the only one gettin' skunked.
Haha...that's about the one thing that keeps me going. If everyone was catching fish left and right I'd probably throw in the towel. There are enough skunked reports so I don't feel so bad.

I'm going to the Clack tomorrow, didn't get out today.
pdx fly
How did ya do on the Clack today?
I was out on the Sandy Wednesday...nada...
Thinking about hitting up the Wilson tomorrow morning on my way out to Oceanside for the weekend....any spots you see any promise in?
I slept in. Didn't make it out. I've put in a lot of hours on the Wilson and have yet to produce a fish. So I'm not the one to ask...I usually start at milepost 21 and just work my way down. Lots of "good" holes just off the road. Where there is a pull out or parking spot...there is usually a hole.
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