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I got a few questionsin regards to pikeminnow.

What is your go-to setup and/or baits for these fish?

I've talked to a few people that have told me that you can bring pikeminnow from any tributary or river that connects to the Columbia River and turn them in for money. Is this true? I'm pretty sure I've had conversations about this topic a few yeara back, and our conclusions were you can only turn pikeminnow in that are DIRECTLY from the Columbia.

I'm pretty sure I had a 3rd question, but I forgot. Hopefully I'll remember later.

I've been fishing for them lately because they are good fighters sometimes, the places (mainly Tualatin River) have a good relaxing scenery were I could just enjoy the moments still fishing with my dog, and I sometimes hook into other species.



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they are super easy to catch. I catch them in the Willamette all the time. carolina rig with a chicken liver does it for me 100% of the time. can't keep them off my line.

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