Pflueger President XT vs Abu Garcia Revo X

Looking at buying a spinning reel. Anyone compared the Pflueger President XT and Abu Garcia Revo X? Also looking at the Daiwa BG series. Please share your opinion. Thanks!


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The daiwa with anywhere from 11 to 26lbs of drag is some reel and a matching price of over $200
The abu x is well priced at $100 but only 10- 13lbs drag
The pflueger is best price at $80 but less drag 6-14lb
Myself i'm a penn guy and hate my 5500sst but it work's and have used it from rockfish to salmon.. once it dies I'll go to shimano nas2500
I have the standard Pfluger president 6930 size and love it. Very smooth and good drag. I'm typically fishing for bass with it. It handled about a 4 pounder without trouble, I'm sure it can do a lot more.