Parasites on trout at Timothy Lake?

Last year the fish were really infected with Anchor Worms. Has anyone seen ant this year?
I saw them last year too... nasty looking buggers, but easy to get off. I dont think they harm humans? Anyhow caught a few of the trout 2 weeks ago and they were healthy and parasite free.
ive read up on parasites/worms in fish online, and they are unharmful to humans if you freeze them, or cook the fish. sucks that a high mountain lake like timothy would have worms in the fish seems like they wouldnt like the cold water. oh well.....
You'd be surprised at how warm Timothy gets by mid August! This parasite is one that runs rampant through hatchery trout. Many lakes all over Oregon have them. Hagg, North Fork Reservoir, Lost Lake, and many many others. In the cooler months it is not a problem but when the water warms up the the parasite population explodes.
I have been up there a couple of times this year and it wasn't as bad as last year. The water is so warm now that fishing is a waste of time if you want, to catch anything.
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