Oregon spearfishing

This is a cut and paste from spearboard . com that I thought I'd share. Hope you guys enjoy!

This is old news but Max and Don made me feel guilty not posting my video. It did take extra time putting this together as I broke my left hand recently. Typing with one hand is a b*tch.

Anyway, this trip took place Wednesday April 2, 2014. Don, Joe and myself hit the road together. We were also meeting up with one of Josh's friends, Mike. I think we put in around 10am. And by WE I mean Don, Mike and I. Joe forgot his weight belt at home :lol:. Lucky for Joe, Tom hadn't left his house yet and was bringing him a belt. Poor Joe had to sit on the sidelines. Make sure to give him Hell.

Meanwhile, Don and I were getting our a$$es kicked by the surf. I must have gotten tossed off my kayak at least 6 times. It was getting miserable and I almost thought about giving up. Eventually I got past the surf and into calmer waters. Water temps were around 51-52 degree as I remember, so not too bad. Viz was in the 10ft range for most of the day. And of course, we slayed! :D

Here's what I recorded. Look for the lingcod that investigates a black I stoned. Enjoy!

That's great, I miss spearing alot. Would love to see more video!! I hope your buddies keep guilting you into posting!!
Good times. I used to do that in California around the kelp beds. Lots of stuff out there. All of those fish are excellent eating.