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Does anyone know of a good Oregon hunting forum. I've looked at a few, but they seem to be quite inactive. Nothing like OFF. Any help would be appreciated!


I heard Spirit Mountain near Grand Ronde, Oregon

I heard Spirit Mountain near Grand Ronde, Oregon

It's out by the Spirit Mountain Casino. There might be specific rules being that it's tribal grounds. If you head out Hwy 18 west from Portland continue past the casino and take the next right turn. When you turn a laundry place and small store are on your right. Continue about 100 yards and a school is on your right. At this point you know your headed the right way. About a mile up the rout is the tribe center. Everything you need to know is there. If you pass that and continue straight your headed onto spirit mountain. When the road bends at a 90 to the left then you can take any next access road on your left. My step dad pulled a 6 point off there last year and my grandfather just pulled a bear off there, may have been last year.... but it seems like it was recently. There is two fishing holes near there to that I found on Oregon Fish Finder If anyone knows of any places closer to Portland to go hunting I'd like to know. Maybe some private property.
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I believe that is still the Trask Unit (maybe the Alsea unit). Fishing nearest to there is the Little Nestucca. Small run of steelhead and some cuts. turn left off 18 and you are in the Mt Stott unit. Closer to portland? Look at Barney resivor area. Look into Saddle Mountain. Look into areas around Vernonia. Look just behind Hagg Lake. There is quite a heard of elk livin out there year round. Hike in only behind gates. Man, TONS of hunting area outside of Gaston/Carlton/McMinnville/Yamhill
Hagg Lake Herd

Hagg Lake Herd

Here's a look at part of the Hagg Lake herd from January 08. I just happened to be driving by and they were in one of the fields between Hwy 47 and the Lake Stop Store. Awesome! I counted two branch bulls and 3 spikes! Too many cows to count!
I use duckhuntingchat.com but it's obviously geared toward duck and goose hunting. Pretty good, people are generally helpful.
Ditto DHC. If you are into waterfowling it is a great site to be a member of. It does get a little slow in there during the OFF season, but should start picking up right about now. usually, topics involving other types of hunting get good response (in the OR forums).

IFish is ok, there are certainly no shortage of people there willing to talk about hunting, though usually to tell you that whatever it is you are doing is ethically or morally wrong.