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Portland/Metro Fishing Report – Fall Chinook are starting to stream past Bonneville Dam, with anglers excited about the best opportunities right at their doorstep. The upriver bright run is underway, and trollers as well as anchor anglers are about to score good results.

Pro Trollers working 3.5 spinners will soon inundate the lower Columbia, with fair results already coming from downstream tributary mouths. The mouths of the Cowlitz and Kalama Rivers are producing a nice grade of fall Chinook for both wobbler fishers as well as trollers, and it’s about to get even better Bonneville Dam is passing over 2,000 adults per day.

Managers just inked a 3-day mainstem Columbia catch and keep sturgeon season for September. Check out all the details HERE.

Coho will soon show in the Willamette River, but peak season is well over 6 weeks away.

Clackamas River Fishing Report – There are still summer steelhead to be had for Clackamas River anglers but fish have been scattered with all the river traffic out and about. Coho should start to show in about a week.

Sandy River Fishing Report – Avid angler Jeff Stoeger reports – Hello All. I hope that some of you were able to get out and fish. The fishing has started to slow down with more native springers showing up and the summer steelhead have started to slow down as well.

The river has a couple of feet of visibility but could color up with this next heat wave over the next few days. You will find that there will be more river traffic due to the heat and more swimmers and tubers will be on the river. The river is running at 8 ft and should stay at that level until we get our first rain event. The water temp is around 65 degrees and will stay that way until we get rain to help cool it down.

The report is that coho have shown up at the mouth of Clack and Bonneville has counts of coho going over the dam which indicates that there could be a few in the Sandy.

Find the full report and forecast for Members on the Sandy and the Clackamas from this page here.

North Coast Fishing Report – Salmon anglers Fishing in the South of Cape Falcon fishery only have a few days left to fish. Ocean coho fishing closes after August 21st. The action has been fair, but a large portion of the quota has been unmet.

Halibut and tuna anglers have a nice window of opportunity coming up. Seasons for halibut have liberalized, even with a two fish bag limit. Captain Curtis on the Alaska sunrise reports this from Garibaldi Charters:

Near shore is producing well with constant moving. Lots of fish, few biters per school. Long leader fish not shabby as far as widows and yellowtail go. With the exception of our last trip, the four previous trips had a decent grade of numerous fish around 21 and 22 inches with some yellowtail thrown in.

Albacore tuna will be on the minds of many with a friendly ocean swell forecasted for early next week.

Ocean crabbing remains challenging, with several soft shell crab in the mix.

As for other North Coast hot spots – Buoy 10 anglers are raking in the Chinook, despite the fin-clipped only rule in place through the 24th of August. The current soft tide series is producing abundant catches. Coho have yet to show in any appreciable numbers, but that too will soon happen.

Nehalem Bay trollers are doing well for summer Chinook, but we’re at the peak of the run and action will soon slow.

See the full report and forecast for Members right here.

Willamette River System Report – Contributor Glenn Zinkus reports:

McKenzie River Trout. Green Peter TroutGreen Peter Trout and Kokes. Detroit Lake Producing Kokes. Middle Fork Willamette Trout and Steelhead. and Kokes.

Detroit Reservoir: This week’s reports are mainly about the kokanee. Reports of some good catches, with angler reports of hot kokanee bites early in the morning before the winds come up.

South Santiam Steelhead and Chinook: Continued steelhead count watch: there were 1515 summer steelhead collected at Foster Dam as of August 17. This continues to be multiple times higher than previous years. But note that this is only about 12 fish in a week – the South Santiam steelhead run seems to be slowing down.

North Santiam Trout and Steelhead: The North Santiam received 2,200 legal size trout late July.

Willamette River – Middle Fork:

Cedar Creek Fire is under control, but watch for continued possible road closures.

Various parts of the Middle Fork has been good. The Middle Fork is steady currently at 2380 CFS. These are fishable flow rates. Water temperatures is 59 to 65 degrees.

Willamette River – From Harrisburg, to Corvallis, to Albany:

The Willamette River is currently at 4380 CFS at Harrisburg. Nice fishable flows right now, and wading the gravel bars is good. Watch this stretch as recent summer heat has warmed the waters and angling is better on the upper stretches, such

Willamette River – Steelhead

With increased numbers of steelhead, anglers are back on the water looking for steelhead. Note that not a lot of anglers are doing this yet. Steelhead runs in the Springfield area starting to produce. I have a report of steelhead caught swinging intruder style flies from the weekend of July 9, so there are steelhead that are players.

Find the full report and forecast for Members on the Willamette Valley/Metro from this page here.

Central Oregon Fishing Report – Contributor Glenn Zinkus reports:

Temperatures on the lower portions of the lower Deschutes River are in the 56 to 58 range at Madras, with PGE with continued lower temps from the bottom draw from the dam, and 66 to 70 degree range near Moody. Temperatures in the lower portions of the river will get too hot for afternoon fishing outings.

Dry fly activity and hatches have been diminishing, but nymphing and any form of angling below the surface remain great. There are some reports of morning caddis activity on the surface.

Middle Deschutes River: There is a mix of PEDs, PMDs, and some caddis on the river from Bend to Steelhead Falls. Coolest cooler water temps in the Steelhead Falls area from the Whychus Creek inflow and some springs.

Upper Deschutes River: The upper Deschutes from Little Lava to Crane Prairie has been fishing well with good water levels. This is a good cool water refuge location with the incoming hot weather again.

Lake Billy Chinook: Smallmouth are going strong – but no new reports since the heatwave began.

Fall River: Fishing well, but highly popular. Fish early mornings before the crowds arrive. Fall River was stocked with 1,000 trophy trout this past week. Nymphing and streamers around Horse Shoe Bend, the Hatchery and the Falls is good.

Crane Prairie Reservoir: Crane Prairie reports have been mixed. Jeff Perin reports that most of the success is coming from Quinn and Cultus channels. The shallow waters of Crane are still susceptible to summer heatups when we have temps that climb into the 90s or 100s for prolonged times.

And yet there is a lot more for Members. Check out Glenn’s detailed reports and forecasts right here for Chinook and Steelhead Members both!

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SW Oregon Fishing Report – Contributor Jeff Rome reports:

Rogue Bay fall Chinook action was hot last Thursday into Sunday with many limits and smiling faces. Sunday into early this week was a bit of a slow down, but still not bad. It seems like guides have been talking to fellow guides throughout Oregon to try the ever popular 360 type flashers with 3.5 spinners along with the standard Rogue spinner bait w/ anchovy to find some good success! Reports of a good number of jacks along with summer steelhead in the lower Rogue are also a good sign. No coho yet, but it shouldn’t be too long.

Summer steelhead catches throughout the mid to upper Rogue River has been fair with the better success on the upper past Shady Cove. It’s been hot hot hot and most anglers are replacing their fishing poles for squirt guns!

Boats out of Brookings last weekend saw a good tuna bite within 40 miles and the halibut and bottom fish were on the bite as well.

Crabbing is great out of Winchester Bay as is some nice Chinook catches out in the ocean.

Small mouth bass action is excellent on the lower south and north Umpqua.

The Coquille River is excellent for smallmouth bass and are encouraged to take as many as you can.

Lost creek lake continues to produce nice catches of trout despite warmer water temp and boat traffic. The best time is before noon during weekdays.

Be safe, be nice and enjoy!

Jeff’s detailed report, multiple lake updates, and forecast in this week’s version for Members!

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