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Portland/Metro Fishing Report – With Willamette spring Chinook on the wane (but not entirely over) and warm air and water temperatures in the forecast, metro opportunities won’t be outstanding this weekend. Mainstem Columbia salmon are on the slow-down, while steelhead numbers, although still down from previous years, are starting to percolate.

Summer steelhead remains an option for another week but anglers are still struggling for consistent success on the mainstem Columbia and soft tides this week won’t help bank anglers.

Anglers still seeking late-season springers should look to the mouth of the Willamette, where trollers are still getting a few early morning opportunities.

The Sandy has plenty of fish present, just not may motivated enough to bite. The upper reaches, away from the splash and giggle crowd is the better idea.

The Clackamas is better for summer steelhead seekers, but hatchery returns are the best since 2016 according to the district biologist.

Willamette Valley trout options are also slowing in the heat, high lakes offer the better options this time of year.

Find the full report and forecast for Members on the Sandy and the Clackamas from this page here.

North Coast Fishing Report – Freshwater opportunities are slowing but summer steelhead are still an option for Wilson and Siletz bank anglers. Most anglers are looking to the salt for offshore coho, bottomfish and now albacore.

Ocean coho fishing is excellent, and weekend weather and tides look favorable for an easy take. Weak tides should make for safe bar crossings, but watch late morning winds so you don’t get trapped fighting wind waves back to port.

Ocean crabbing has turned soft, as in a pile of soft-shelled Dungeness crab is out there. Be selective in what you take, there’s very little return on your investment if you take home limits of soft-shelled crab. Remember, razor clam digging is now closed until October 1st.

ODF&W has once again relaxed halibut regulations. With the quota largely under-utilized, more days have been added to the Columbia and central coast sub-areas. Check the press release HERE.

The Buoy 10 fishery is over a week away but lower Columbia catch and release sturgeon fishing remains excellent. Hopefully the fall return mimics the spring and summer Chinook returns; fingers crossed for an under-prediction, which could lead to more sport angling opportunity.

See the full report and forecast for Members right here.

Central Oregon Fishing Report – Contributor Glenn Zinkus reports:

Glenn is on fishing hiatus this week so this is a repeat from last week:

Weather Outlook Across Central and Eastern Oregon:

Seasonal weather and temperatures look to be with us through the weekend, with another warmup during next week with much of the region going into the low to high 90s. Friday through Sunday will top out in the low to mid-80s through Sunday for much of the region, with a spike into the low to high 90s beginning next Monday and through much of the week. Sunny skies will dominate the region.

Weekend temperatures in the Lower Deschutes canyon will be in the high 80s, and high 90s or 100 next week.

Temperatures at the Cascade lakes will top out in the 80s through the weekend, and high 80s and low 90s next week.

ODFW News – Angling Restrictions

Deschutes River: ODFW announced, “With another low run of summer steelhead forecast, angling closures for steelhead, bass and salmon will be in effect for parts of the Deschutes River this summer starting as early as June 1.

The closures are in keeping with the Deschutes River steelhead fishery framework that fishery managers presented earlier this year due to continued low forecasts for Threatened summer steelhead runs to areas upriver of Bonneville Dam in the Columbia and Snake River Basins.

Last year’s upriver steelhead run to Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River was the lowest since records began in 1938, resulting in the first steelhead fishing closure on the Deschutes since 1978. Encounter rates from sport anglers that catch and release wild summer steelhead are typically high in mid-Columbia tributaries like the Deschutes, where fish stage before migrating to spawning areas throughout the Deschutes and Columbia Basin.

Pre-season forecasts for 2022 are similar to last year’s returns, so closures are necessary in these mixed stock fisheries even though anglers may be targeting hatchery steelhead.”

The good news amongst the bad is that the trout fishery will remain open.

At the time of this writing on the evening of 7/13, there have been 8,576 unclipped steelhead over Bonneville as of 7/12, raising hope that we may likely surpass the 9,900 minimum required by July 31 to reopen the Deschutes to steelhead. Over the past one week, there is an average of 476 unclipped steelhead passing Bonneville each day.

As I said last week, I won’t go so far as to speculate on whether we will approach the 23,100 fish needed to reopen steelhead on the Deschutes for the entire season. Stay tuned!

Lower Deschutes River:

The Lower Deschutes is steady near the dam, with flows of 3760 CFS in Madras and 4530 CFS at Moody. Water access is good.

Temperatures on the lower portions of the river are in the 57 to 59 range at Madras and 66 to 71 degree range near Moody.

There is consistent dry fly-topwater action on the Deschutes with PMDs, PEDs and caddis in quiet back eddies and during the “evening bites”. Caddis hatches have been getting better and better.

And yet there is a lot more for Members. Check out Glenn’s detailed reports and forecasts right here for Chinook and Steelhead Members both!

SW Oregon Fishing Report – Contributor Jeff Rome reports:

Anglers are looking to find a cool place to fish while Summer temps into the low 100’s 🥵in the Rogue Valley make the coast and upper higher lakes the best choices. However, the weekend outlook for the ocean doesn’t look promising due to windy conditions but surf perch or trolling the Rogue bay would also be good options. The upper Rogue above Lost Creek dam would be a good choice as well as Diamond and Lake of the Woods. Good numbers of stocked trout await.

Trout fishing still remains great at Applegate, Lost Creek, Galesville, Hemlock, Lake of the Woods and above Lost creek dam. Other coastal lakes are another cool choice as the bass have been biting on the Eel, Empire, Tenmile lakes and the Coquille.

On the upper Rogue, Springer catches have continued to impress along with best of decade counts at the hatchery. Some fish are on the darker side but some looked like they had just “screeeeeemed” up!

The lower Rogue (bay) saw another “best so far” catches of Fall Chinook last weekend with 36 fish days. The bite tapered off earlier this week, but is expected to improve with water temps rising which keeps fish holding longer in the bay.

Summer steelhead throughout the Rogue system are being caught in better numbers now that the flow has decreased. Side drifting worms and tossing silver spoons or panther martins spinners are producing as well.

Winchester Bay is also producing nice salmon catches as well as bottom fish and crab.

Cutthroat trout are in both the Elk (upper) and Winchuck rivers near Brookings and is another cooler option at the coast.

Surf perch action is still good on lots of the deeper indents on the beaches and the South jetty in Brookings and up by Winchester bay.

Be safe, be nice and enjoy!

Jeff’s detailed report, multiple lake updates, and forecast in this week’s version for Members!
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